If you have any problem, don't hesistate to contact us via email

Our working hours: Monday to Friday 8AM - 5PM GMT+8.

What do we support and do not support?

We Support:

  • Providing the detailed documentation to help you install and configure the theme exactly like our demo stores by yourself.
  • Answering your questions about theme's usage, settings, configurations and problems.
  • Answering you how to edit and translate the language files.
  • Fixing bugs in our original theme. Note that if your theme's source code is modified, we cannot fix your modified theme package. We can only fix bugs in the original theme.

We Do Not Support:

  • Answering how to use BigCommerce, manage, edit or configure any built-in BigCommerce features that do not relate to our theme. Please contact BigCommerce Support for help.
  • Updating your customized/modified theme.
  • Editing the theme source code per your requests. For adding additional features or customizing the theme according to your requirements, please contact us for further estimate.